Bailey Cottage, Pigeon Cove, built 1896


This cottage sits at the corner of Ocean Ave. and Haven Ave. in Pigeon Cove. The caption indicates it was built in 1896. As you can see from the photo below, it is still there, now with its front porch screened in and different landscaping.

The cottage in a recent photo.

The cottage in a recent photo.

I  believe this was the cottage of Edward L. Bailey, a prominent builder in Pigeon Cove in the early 1900s who lived on Haven Ave. Bailey’s best-known building project was the Carnegie Library in Rockport. He also built a number of homes and cottages, such as the Eaton Cottage pictured in this postcard.

An article in the December 1920 issue of National Builder magazine included a brief article about Bailey, under the headline, “Post Card Advertising.” It said:

Edward Bailey, a builder, of Pigeon Cove, Massachusetts, uses post-cards to good effect in giving publicity to his work.

The accompanying illustrations are examples of the post-cards which Mr. Bailey uses to exploit his work. They are distributed where they will do the most good.

The article includes illustrations of four of Bailey’s postcards, including the Eaton Cottage one I mentioned above and another that I have (but have not yet posted here) of the Gilmore Cottage.

Edward Bailey had a storefront on Granite St. in Pigeon Cove around this same time. You can see it in this postcard. In a comment posted there, Dick Carlson remembered going to Bailey’s shop as a young boy and watching him and his son Newt do carpentry work.

The postcard contains no information on when it was printed, except that it was printed in Germany and has a divided back. This tells us that it was printed sometime between 1907 and 1917.


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