Rockport Harbor in Winter, c. 1935-1955


I found this image on the Web. Like another I have showing Rockport harbor in winter, it was taken by photographer Arthur Griffin. The date of the photo is identified only as sometime between 1935 and 1955. 

Griffin was a Lawrence, Mass.-born photographer. In the 1930s, he became the exclusive photographer for the newly created Boston Globe Rotogravure Magazine and the New England photojournalist for Life and Time magazines. He provided the first color photographs to appear in the Saturday Evening Post — a two-page layout on New England.

A museum inspired by his photography is in Winchester, Mass.

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2 Responses to Rockport Harbor in Winter, c. 1935-1955

  1. I remember one winter in 1945-46-47 when we walked across the harbor on ice from Bearskin neck to the other side. There were no parents around to tell us not to so we did it. Kay Carter Shumway

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