Eaton Cottage, Rockport, Mass., circa 1908


This house still stands at 50 Eden Road in Rockport. The legend on the postcard says that the house was built in 1908 by Bailey & Hosmer. (Online listings for this house say it was built in 1906.)

The postcard identifies it as the Eaton Cottage. From records I’ve found, the house was then owned as a summer cottage by Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eaton of Medford, Mass.

I have other postcards showing houses built by this same construction firm. I assume these were printed by the firm to use as promotional materials.

Note the cottages in the background to the left of the house. These are also still there. Two of them are easily recognizable as twins. Previously, I posted three 1910 views of Eden Road in which you can see both the house pictured above and the twin cottages.


This is a view of the same house taken recently, shot with a zoom lens from across Loblolly Cove.

This postcard was mailed on May 5, 1909, to a Frank Crandall of Dorchester, Mass. There was a person by that name born in Dorchester in 1890, which would have made him 19. He later moved to Weymouth, Mass.

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2 Responses to Eaton Cottage, Rockport, Mass., circa 1908

  1. Anna says:

    View is Very Peaceful & Serene! Beautiful! Thanks for Sharing!

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