Granite St., Pigeon Cove, Mass., circa 1905

This postcard of Pigeon Cove is not dated. The back side is undivided, which indicates it was produced sometime between 1901 and 1907.

The first building (the one that says Gloucester Electric on the side) has a sign on the front identifying it as Mason’s Pharmacy. Out of curiosity, I Googled the name and came up with the clip you see here from the Feb. 4, 1904, issue of The Pharmaceutical Era. “For the fourth time within six months,” it reports, “the drug store of Andrew J. Mason, Pigeon Cove, was entered by burglars.” (Click the excerpt to see the full page.)

The next building up bears the sign, “David Babson Co.” I can’t make out the type of business. Next from there, the sign says, “Edw. Bailey.” The white building has markings on the front that look like those of a barber’s pole. The building after that says, I believe, “Linen Store.”

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3 Responses to Granite St., Pigeon Cove, Mass., circa 1905

  1. dick carlson says:

    Edward Bailey later became Edward Bailey and Son. The son was Newt Bailey. During WWII Newt was a Captain in the Merchant Marine. Newt was married to Arlene. They had one daughter Jacquline who graduated from Rockport High School about 1945. She married Howard Swanson of Curtis St. Last I heard they were living in Ohio. Ed and Newt Bailey were very fine carpenters. As a youngster I loved to go in their shop and watch them work. The building aboce Bailey’s I remeber as Johnny Francis’ barber shop, next was the Pratt residence, then the Pigeon Cove post office.

  2. coffeecup says:

    Interesting photo. I love it.

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