For me, looking at old postcards is like traveling back in time. For a couple years now, I’ve been accumulating old postcards of Rockport, Mass., the town where I live. Through this blog, I will share some of my favorites.

If you have information to share about any of the locations shown in these postcards, please add a comment or send me an e-mail.

About Me

I am a lawyer and longtime journalist. You can also find me online here:

11 Responses to About

  1. Ann Kennedy says:

    Love the vintage views of Rockport! Thanks!

  2. Scott Mangarpan says:

    Great images, thanks. BTW like the podcast too.

  3. Sue Bonior says:

    Thank you for putting these up. Enjoying them very much.

  4. Heather Carbone says:

    What an AWESOME site this is! Thank you for all the LONG hours this must have been putting this together. I would love to hear about the history of Long Beach

  5. Kevin keating says:

    In the picture at Pooles drug store you asked about the 3 individual sitting at the counter. I recognize all 3 but at this point only remember the name of one The man on the far left is Timer Silva a part time police officer who lived on Hoopers lane

    • Suzanne Hong says:

      The gentleman in the middle is Charlie Balzarini or “Charlie Back and Forth” as he was named for many trips back and forth from the Cove to Downtown.

  6. Gavin Johnston says:

    Great images…I’d love to reproduce some of the old quarry images to frame in my office…any ideas on who has rights and how I could acquire them for personal use?

  7. Will Bloombergh says:

    Good stuff!

  8. George Wendell says:

    What a treasure– both the photos and the idea to build this blog. I grew up there, as did my mother father and grandfather. Thank you for a tremendous effort for a tremendous place!

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