Thatchers Twin Lights, From Turks Head Inn, c. 1910


This undated postcard shows a view of the Twin Lights of Thacher Island as seen from the Turk’s Head Inn, which formerly stood at the location of the present-day Cape Hedge Inn. The inn was originally constructed in 1888 or 1889 and operated until 1963. Fires in 1968 and 1969 severely damaged the old hotel and a 1970 fire destroyed what remained.

Compare the view above to this circa 1918 postcard, also showing the Twin Lights as seen from Turk’s Head Inn.

My dating of this card as circa 1910 is largely a guess. You can see the tall brick chimney of the whistle house on Thacher Island, which was build in 1900, according to Paul St. Germain’s book, Twin Lights of Thacher Island, Cape Ann, so we know the image is from after 1900. Closer to the center of the photo, there appears to be little or no development along what would be a portion of Eden Road, even though cottages began to appear there by at least 1906, if not earlier. That would suggest the photo is from roughly that period.

The back of the card provides no further clues as to its date and does not identify a publisher.

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1 Response to Thatchers Twin Lights, From Turks Head Inn, c. 1910

  1. Jane Moginot says:

    I think I see 2 people far away on the shore????Must be low tide..

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