Main Street, Rockport, Mass., circa 1907


This view shows Main Street in Rockport around 1907. The card was postmarked in Gloucester on July 23, 1907. It is a divided-back postcard, a type of postcard that was first produced in 1907.

MainStreetViewTodayTo the right is a screen capture from Google Streetview showing the same scene today. The larger building to the left, originally built in the 1860s as the Haskins Building, appears to be the same today. In fact, however, it has been replaced by the all-new Shalin Liu Performance Center, completed in 2010 and designed to resemble the former building as closely as possible.

The building in the foreground to the left, which now houses Butler’s Haberdashery, was then the location of Smith’s Hardware, I believe. The building across the street, to the right of the picture, housed the Post Office and the Granite Shore Hotel. Note the trolley tracks running along the road.

For other views of Main St., see the posts here.

This postcard was printed by The Robbins Bros. Co, Boston, and distributed through the Metropolitan News Company, a larger Boston postcard publisher. Robbins was in business from 1907 to 1912.

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1 Response to Main Street, Rockport, Mass., circa 1907

  1. Jane Moginot says:

    The original building was a First National. The customers stood at the horse shoe counter and the clerks in white jackets gathered the groceries, often on ladder and sometimes using long “grabbers” for items on the top shelves. A small First National was on Granite St. in Pigeon Cove just beyond Tool Co. The arrival of a modern A&P in Gloucester introduced new ways to shop cheaper. Story’s market hung on as they offered delivery and especially fine meats. How many families had 2 cars in the 50’s? It was very convenient for Pigeon Covers.

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