Two Views of the Hospital, Rockport, Mass., both c. 1907



Here are two views of the former Leander M. Haskins Hospital, which stood at the top of Summit Ave., on what is now known as Hospital Hill. As I’ve previously noted in posts here and here, Haskins was a prominent Rockport businessman and civic leader and this was his home. When he died in 1905, his will left the house to the town to be used as a hospital and park. The hospital opened in 1906 and operated until 1918.

The top postcard was published by The Robbins Bros. Company of Boston, which also published a postcard showing the view of Rockport from Hospital Hill. The company was in business from 1907 to 1912.

The botton postcard was published by Charles H. Andrews of Pigeon Cove. I have one other postcard published by him, showing fishing boats in Pigeon Cove. It is fitting that Andrews published postcards, because from at least 1901 to 1917 (and maybe longer) he was the postmaster in Pigeon Cove.

It appears he also carried on various other activities. Various sources list him as also being an insurance agent in the early 1900s and a sales agent for the Lanesville Granite Company.

On January 24, 1903, the Pigeon Cove Hotel, originally built in 1871, was destroyed by fire, and the fire also destroyed Andrews’ residence, which was adjacent to it. At that time, the hotel was so well known that the story was reported in newspapers throughout the United States, including The New York Times.

According to these reports, Mabel Woolford, who had just purchased the hotel on Dec. 23, 1902, threw a masquerade ball for residents of Pigeon Cove. It is believed that flames from an open fire at the ball spread and caused the fire.

Andrews graduated from Rockport High School in 1882. In 1886, he was a charter member of a fraternal society known as Wonasquam Tribe, No. 23, Improved Order of Red Men. In 1887, he was secretary of the Pigeon Cove chapter of the Agassiz Association, an international association devoted to the study of nature and science.

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4 Responses to Two Views of the Hospital, Rockport, Mass., both c. 1907

  1. Anna says:

    Great pictures of Rockport Hospital in 1907! Beautiful! As a Traveling Nurse I did not have the pleasure of working in this type of Victorian looking Hospital! The summer camp I attended in Mattapossoit reminds me of this Victorian house! Oh the Memories!!!

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  3. Judith Lane McKown says:

    I was born in Restcroft Hospital and Sanatarium on Summit Ave. Rockport MA. in 1935. Is this the Leander Haskins Hospital renamed or were there 2 hospitals in Rockport?

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