Update on Oak Knoll: Location Found on Phillips Ave.

Oak Knoll, Pigeon Cove, Mass., circa 1918Yet again, a sharp-eyed reader has helped me identify the present-day location of a scene shown in a vintage postcard. I recently posted a circa 1918 postcard showing the Oak Knoll, a summer boarding house in Pigeon Cove. In that post, I said that the best I could determine about its location was on the east side of Granite Street, between Phillips Avenue and Haven Avenue.

IMG_2120A comment to that post said that the Oak Knoll appeared reminiscent of a house on Phillips Avenue, across from the Nickerson residence. Sure enough, the house at 102 Phillips Avenue appears to be the exact building shown in the postcard, as these two photographs show.

The first picture, taken from Ocean Avenue, is roughly from the same perspective as the postcard. The chimneys, dormers, windows and bowed front are all identical. Even the widow’s walk remains in the same location on the roof.

IMG_2121aThis second photograph is taken from Phillips Avenue. Again, you can see that the house has all the same features as did the Oak Knoll.

According to Zillow, this house was built in 1874 and has six bedrooms. That information, too, comports with the conclusion that this is, in fact, the former Oak Knoll.

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3 Responses to Update on Oak Knoll: Location Found on Phillips Ave.

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  2. Jane Moginot says:

    I remember being shown around the interior, including the attic. There was, and probably still is, a very large cistern to collect water. It was either stone or cement and provided running water.

  3. Merry Seppala says:

    I believe the house stayed in the family til around 1957. A daughter later moved with her son to Granite Street and the house was sold.

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