Granite St. in Winter: Real Photo Card Signed by Cleaves, 1926

[Editor’s update: Note the comment below that corrects me on the identity of the Emma Cleaves to whom this card was addressed. It was Charles Cleaves’ mother Emma, not his sister Emma.]

In this real-photo postcard (printed directly from a negative), we see Granite Street in winter. A person walks past the building at 111 Granite Street that was formerly the Swedish Evangelical Church and is now a private residence. As I previously noted, this was one of three Swedish churches built in Pigeon Cove by Swedes who came here to work in the quarries.

As you can see from the reverse, this postcard bears the note, “This was taken Friday morning Feb 5 1926.” It is signed with the initials “CHC” and addressed to Emma E. Cleaves in Annisquam. “CHC” is Charles H. Cleaves, the Rockport photographer who founded the Rockport Photo Bureau and published many of the postcards you see here at Vintage Rockport. Emma Cleaves was his sister. We’ve seen her before in a picture from 1898 of people standing in the Old First Parish Cemetery, when she was 19.

This is another postcard loaned to me by Merry Seppala of Pigeon Cove, from her personal collection of old postcards and photographs. Could it be the same winter day pictured in another postcard from Merry that I posted yesterday?

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2 Responses to Granite St. in Winter: Real Photo Card Signed by Cleaves, 1926

  1. coffeecup says:

    Bob, I tend to think the addressee Emma Cleaves at this time was his Charles’ mother. His sister was married and had the last name of Conley. The Dennis woman is Emma’s sister who was living in Annisquam.

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