The Hamlin House, Pigeon Cove, Mass., circa 1910

[Note: I have new information about this house in a later post.]

Here is a real-photo postcard identified as The Hamlin House in Pigeon Cove. This house still stands, as you can see from the picture below. The  address is 163 Granite St. It is two houses away from the Pigeon Cove Post Office.

The Hamlin House today.

My research has turned up nothing about the Hamlin House or about anyone named Hamlin who lived in Pigeon Cove. If any readers have any information, please share it.

The house today has a historical plaque that identifies it as the Samuel Wheeler House, built in 1792. I did find a reference to a Samuel Wheeler of Rockport who died in 1849 at age 90. There were Wheelers among the earliest settlers of Pigeon Cove. As a matter of fact, prior to 1750, there were only nine houses in Pigeon Cove, two of them occupied by Wheelers.

The Wheeler Tavern, a few doors down from the house.

There was a popular tavern close to this location known as the Wheeler Tavern. I believe the building immediately to the left of the Pigeon Cove Post Office is the old Wheeler Tavern. It was started by Capt. Daniel Wheeler (the man who first built a wharf in Pigeon Cove harbor in 1825) and then run by William Norwood Jr., who later relocated the tavern to a location approximately where the Emerson Inn now stands.

Note the woman walking by in her ground-length dress. I have little to go on in dating this photo, but judging by her dress and the markings on the reverse side, I estimate it to be from around 1910.

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4 Responses to The Hamlin House, Pigeon Cove, Mass., circa 1910

  1. Peter Sanidas says:

    Really enjoy reading about vintage Rockport, During the 50’s and 60’s I lived at Folly Cove. Can’t wait till you discover something about this area.

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  3. Jess says:

    My ancestors are the story family of pigeon cove. Austin wheeler story (owned market in town) was my great grandfathers brother. I am visiting there now. 61 stories in locust grove cemetery alon!!!

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