Front Beach, Rockport, Mass., 1905

Here is a beautiful view of Front Beach in Rockport published by the Rotograph Co. in 1905. Except for the absence of the gazebo that now stands on the rocks in the upper left of the picture, this scene is virtually unchanged today.

On close examination of the actual postcard, you can see a few details not readily visible on the scan above. It looks as if you can see the wooden masts of a derrick at Knowlton’s Point (now known as Rowe Point), just above the tip of the rock jetty in the upper left. The derrick would have been used to load granite onto schooners from the pier there.

Also visible in the approximate location of Granite Pier (about center in the picture) are the masts of schooners, no doubt docked to take loads from the Rockport Granite Co.

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