Haskell’s Camp and Loblolly, Rockport, Mass., c. 1925

I went driving around one day trying to find this view. As best as I can tell, this appears to be on Penzance Road, just about where it intersects with Eden Road. That is Loblolly Cove just beyond the cars, Emerson Point across the cove, and the Twin Lights of Thacher Island off in the distance.

This postcard was published by Rockport Photo Bureau. It has no date. Judging by the cars, I am estimating it is from around 1925.

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8 Responses to Haskell’s Camp and Loblolly, Rockport, Mass., c. 1925

  1. You are RIGHT! It’s the bend down to Loblolly from Penzance Rd. Eden is on the left…GREAT PICTURE!

    • Kimberly Hanson says:

      That is my husband’s great grandfathers camp, I have several of the same postcards. This was a very well known place to eat in its day…even several presidents ate there. (I think Taft and Wilson) I am always looking for someone who knows some of this history for our family geneology. If you have any info contact myself, Kimberly Hanson at gkamlhans@aol.com My husband was excited to see this postcard today online!

      • Cindy Haskell says:

        Captain William Emerson was my Dad’s Grandfather, I have the family tree that goes back to 1617. Two brother came over from England in 1632 settled in the United State. My email is cnylouhas@hotmail.com

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  5. frederic conway says:

    In 1970, we had built a home on what was the site of Haskell’s Camp. It was located at the intersection of Eden Road and Penzance. I spent many an hour enjoying the view of Loblolly Cove and the Twin Lights of Thacher Island beyond. The cove was deceptive in that it looked like a safe haven for an overnight mooring. Unfortunately there was many a night when a storm blew in with winds out of the north east which pulled boats off their moorings and onto the rocks of Loblolly Cove.

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