A Shore Dinner at Haskell’s Camp, circa 1910


At the head of Loblolly Cove, just about where Eden Road and Penzance Road intersect, there was once a rough and rustic lobster shack known as Haskell’s Camp. It was a popular spot among tourists and once it even hosted the president of the United States, William Howard Taft.

Last year, I published a guest post about Haskell’s Camp by Kimberly Hanson, whose husband’s great-grandfather was Emerson Haskell, the founder of this popular establishment. (See also my earlier post about the camp.)

Now, I have heard from another Haskell descendant, Cindy Haskell, who sent me the photograph above of a shore dinner at Haskell’s Camp. She believes that the man looking at the camera on the right is Emerson Haskell’s son Bill Haskell and that the first woman on the left is Emerson’s wife, Naomi (Barton) Haskell.

Cindy provides this genealogy:

Emerson R. Haskell, 1851, and Naomi Barton were my Dad’s Grandparents. They had 7 kids. My Dad’s father/mother are William (Bill) E. Haskell, 1881-1975, and Lucy May Fairbanks, 1889-1948. They had 7 kids. Frank Haskell, 1875 (?), was my Dad’s Uncle (my Dad’s father’s brother). My parents were Richard (Dick) Lewis Haskell, 1929-2005, and Beverly Jean Morrill, 1930-1999. They had 7 kids.

The photograph is not dated that I know of. I am guess-timating the date based on Bill’s birthdate of 1881. He looks to be roughly 30 in this picture and perhaps that is one of his young children beside him.

In addition to this photo, Cindy sent me a fascinating 1939 newspaper article about Haskell’s Camp. I’ve published that in a separate post.

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