Rockport Granite Co. Wharf, Rockport, Mass., circa 1920

Here is a view of what is now called Granite Pier when it was still in active use by the Rockport Granite Company, which operated from 1865 to 1933. This postcard is not dated. It appears to come from the same publisher as this postcard of Main Street. It has the exact same back side, the same style of caption and the same coloring. Since I pinned that one at around 1920, I’m guessing this is from around the same time.

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  3. coffeecup says:

    This photo I wonder if it is Granite Pier or could it be the quarry area down below Rowe ?? > I don’t know what the road is called. Anyway it is directly across from Burbank’s garage. Clara Swan lived across the street at 60 Granite,next to Burbanks and remember quarrying being done down there. The photo I commented on ? sunset with White Fleet that you have here, I have similar and they show this triangle building structure. I am not saying its Not Granite pier but the angle which is taken gives me the impression it could be more to the Pigeon Cove side. I think Charles Cleaves took the photos from his house area.

    • Now you have me wondering. My understanding is that the Rockport Granite Co. primarily used the wharves where Granite Pier is now, and that other granite companies used wharves closer to Pigeon Cove. Then again, Rockport Granite ended up acquiring some of those other companies, I believe, so it could be.

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