Steel Derrick Quarry, as an Active Quarry Circa 1910

Today, Steel Derrick Quarry is a popular swimming spot for locals. At the time this picture was taken, it was an active granite quarry, one of two owned by the Pigeon Hill Granite Co. Founded in 1870, Pigeon Hill was Rockport’s second-largest granite company, second to Rockport Granite Company. (Earlier posts here have shown Rockport Granite’s Old Stone Bridge, its wharf and its quarry.) Stone from this particular quarry, known at the time as Pigeon Hill’s “upper pit,” was used in construction of the Longfellow Bridge between Boston and Cambridge.

I will confess, I am not 100% positive this is Steel Derrick. If there are any quarry experts out there reading this, your help would be appreciated. Everything I’ve read about the upper pit quarry seems to place it right about at the location of Steel Derrick. Added to that, I came across this 1907 map of Rockport’s quarries drawn by the U.S. Geological Survey. I’ve drawn a red circle around the upper pit quarry. Comparing this to a Google map view of Steel Derrick, it appears to be an exact match.

I am also guessing at the date of this postcard. I can say with certainty that it was from somewhere between 1907 to 1913. No publisher is identified but the backside indicates that the card was printed in Germany.

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13 Responses to Steel Derrick Quarry, as an Active Quarry Circa 1910

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  3. Donna says:

    Can anyone visit this quarry

  4. Jeffrey A.Hildonen says:

    It is a very good chance that is Johnsons Quarry about a 1/4 of a mile away.

  5. Kay says:

    Hello, I was wondering where you can park to go walk around?

  6. Ben Dover says:

    Steel Derrick is privately owned. It is used by owners and guests of owners only.
    There is security there from spring to mid fall to keep the public out. You will asked to leave if you are not supposed to be there. Rockport Police assists in removing those who don’t want to leave.

  7. Brady Trask says:

    I went to Steel Derrick the other day and had my bag when I got to my car and when I got home it wasn’t there. I think I might’ve left it on the side of the dirt path near the the gate entrance. My bag had a bathing suit and my shirt in it. There was also a bus pass with my name on it in the front pocket. If anyone sees the bag please call me at 9789989349.

  8. John Anderson says:

    steele derek’s a pretty big quarry at 21 feet but of your feeling risky you can go to the 52 foot jump a scary jump

  9. will says:

    What is barge? Is that the smaller jump?

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