Walter Julian’s Barbershop, Main St., Rockport, 1973

Walter Julians Barbershop 1973

Is there a man in Rockport who has not had his hair cut by Walter Julian at some point in his life? His Main Street barbershop is a local institution. Can anyone name the young boy getting a trim?

The photo above comes from the Deborah Parks series taken for the U.S. government in February 1973. Parks, a Rockport resident who died in 2010, was a photographer herself and also the wife of well-known National Geographic photographer Winfield Parks.

For more images from the Parks series, click here.

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4 Responses to Walter Julian’s Barbershop, Main St., Rockport, 1973

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for Sharing these Pictures about Rockport! Memories are Precious!

  2. Marty Luster says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you today at Bodin Historic Photo in Gloucester.This is a wonderful blog and you can be certain that I will be a regular viewer.

  3. Phil Stone says:

    I think the boy is Kenny Ventimiglia, who in 1973 would have been around 9.

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