Gap Cove, Rockport, Mass., circa 1915


This view is looking from Straitsmouth Point across Gap Cove, with the Twin Lights of Thacher Island in the distance. The Straitsmouth Inn would have been a bit farther down the road to the left. The two shed-like buildings were probably part of the inn.

I’ve posted another postcard from this same publisher, Grafton Butman, showing a view that would have been from just a little farther down along this same road. That view showed the Straitsmouth Inn’s tennis courts and the view across Gap Cove to Straitsmouth Island.

Although I estimated that image to be from around 1919, the one above was postmarked in 1916, so the photograph was likely taken in 1915 or earlier.

Below is a photograph of roughly the same scene today. As you can see, the low popplestone wall is still there. The house on the far side of the cove has been replaced by a more modern structure.


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1 Response to Gap Cove, Rockport, Mass., circa 1915

  1. After the fire in 1958, I went to the ruins. It was so sad to see.i found a round ball that was the top of one of the railings to the entrance. I still have it. It was Douglas fir and very old growth. I treasure it’s significance from that wonderful old hotel. I never stayed there because I lived in Rockport but it was fun to observe the comings and goings of all the guests. I lived on Beach street in the brown shingled house with blue shutters, next door to the cement block monstrosity . We used to sail by the Inn all the time. What a wonderful place to grow up, we had such freedom ashore and on land.

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