Streets that Have Disappeared Around Marmion Way

In writing my last post about a Marmion Way cottage, I looked at a map of the area from 1899. I was surprised to see that it contained several streets that no longer exist. Compare the two views below, one from the 1899 map and the other from today’s Google Earth. If you look carefully, you will see streets on the old map that have disappeared entirely. They include:

  • Glencoe Road, which ran from what is now called Lighthouse Lane (across from Gully Point Cove) over to Straitsmouth Way. Today there is a short road off Straitsmouth, Stone Haven Lane, that may be a remnant of Glencoe.
  • Clydesdale Road, which ran from Whale Cove straight across to where Marmion intersects with Old Garden Road. It appears that today’s Richards Avenue was formerly part of Clydesdale. I found a 2008 town of Rockport document that shows Clydesdale as still running between Straitsmouth and Marmion.
  • Between Clydesdale and Marmion are several streets — Grampian, Cheviot and Rokeby, that have all disappeared.

Do any readers remember any of these streets or know what became of them?



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1 Response to Streets that Have Disappeared Around Marmion Way

  1. Stefan Mierz says:

    That area is now a little preserve that has a nice little path to walk on through a little mystical mossy forest. Its really beautiful, There are some intermittent old growth trees in there and some pretty stone walls. If it has rained a lot it gets very swampy in places and in certain seasons the ticks are bad there too. Overall a really interesting patch of woods for a nice 20 minute circular walk.

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