Pigeon Cove and Tool Company from Pigeon Hill, c. 1912


This summer has brought the demolition of the iconic tool company smokestack in Pigeon Cove. In this view of Pigeon Cove taken from atop Pigeon Hill, the smokestack is clearly visible. Of course, the dozen or so cows you see grazing here could care less about the smokestack or even about the panoramic ocean view behind them. So much of what you see in this image is now gone — a barren Pigeon Hill, grazing cows, and now the smokestack.

As for Pigeon Hill, early in the town’s history, settlers recognized it as an important landmark for mariners. At a town meeting in 1713, the voters decided that the top of Pigeon Hill should “lie common, still, perpetually, to be for a sea mark.” Despite this vote, in 1819, the town sold the land to David Babson, William Fears and John Fears for $525. (This is the same Babson who later purchased the Babson Farm property near the entrance to Halibut Point.)

Eventually, Ezra Eames came to own the five-acre property. In 1929, his heirs agreed to sell it back to the town, to be used as a park for the benefit of all the people of the town. It remains public property today, situated at the top of Landmark Lane.

This postcard was published by Rockport Photo Bureau and printed by The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y. No printing date is indicated and there is no postmark. Based on the similarity of the reverse side to other postcards that I have dated, I estimate this to be from around 1912.

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  1. Will Bloombergh says:

    It would be nice if they cut down some trees for a view up the coast to NH and Maine

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