The Stone Fireplace, Straitsmouth Inn, circa 1925


The Straitsmouth Inn stood on the tip of Gap Head, also known as Straitsmouth Point, from 1906 to 1958, when it burned to the ground on New Year’s Eve. I’ve posted other views of the exterior of the inn, but this is the first postcard I’ve found that shows the inn’s interior.

The postcard shows the inn’s granite fireplace, made of popplestones in a style I’ve seen in other Rockport houses. A clock and several vases decorate the mantel. The vases on the table to the right and the pedestal to the left hold rhododendron, no doubt fresh picked.

This postcard has no information on the reverse that would identify its publisher or its date. The style of it printing and the markings on its backside suggest a date of around 1925.

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5 Responses to The Stone Fireplace, Straitsmouth Inn, circa 1925

  1. Quite a rare find, good hunting!

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  3. Anna says:

    This granite fireplace does not resemble today’s granite fireplaces. How some things have dramatically changed! Pictures can really express history like a thousand words, right? Vintage is so Beautiful! I Love to Reflect on History!

  4. Nancy Schmechel says:

    I remember the Straitsmouth Inn and my great grandmother, Ella S. Wilkinson. We were the faraway family who lived in Seattle. My mother was particularly close to her and I am named for Ella’s best friend. As a child, I remember the popover oven at the Inn and that my great grandmother loved to play cards. We took the train from the Kingston Street Station in Seattle all the way across the country to Boston. Rockport was our second home. And the smell of Nisu bread always reminds me of those times.

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