The Shore Path to Marmion Way, Rockport, circa 1925


This is a view of the shore path that runs from Old Garden Beach to Marmion Way. The sign there now calls is Old Garden Path. As you can see from the two photos below, both of the houses that frame this image are still there today, as is the rough stone wall you see to the right and the stone wall and pillar at the center.


In the years since, two new houses have been built that now also fill this scene. And large trees have now grown where there were none before.

The house to the right in the postcard, which is yellow in the color photos, was known in the 1960s and 1970s as the Hammock HouseIMG_2405_2. Its owner, Paul Dow, began making hammocks in his retirement for family and friends. As demand grew for his hammocks, he started selling them from his Marmion Way home.

This postcard was published by the Rockport Photo Bureau. It is unused and undated. Although the company published postcards for more than three decades, the markings on the reverse changed over time and help approximate the date. Based on this card’s markings, I estimate it to be around 1925.

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