Front Beach, Rockport, Mass., circa 1910


Here is another postcard published by J. Sidney Poole. As I’ve noted before, Poole was a pharmacist in Rockport at the turn of the century. His pharmacy was located at the corner of Main and Beach streets. For other postcards published by Poole, see the items tagged with his name.

In this view of Front Beach, you can see the old firehouse — the yellow building with the hose-drying tower. The building was moved to front beach from Dock Square in 1855 and remained in service as a firehouse until 1939. It then served for many years as a facility for tourists, until it was demolished less than a decade ago and replaced with new tourist restrooms.

This postcard has a postmark of July 29, 1912. It was printed by the N. E. Paper & Stationery Co. of Ayer, Mass., which was in business only from 1907 to 1910. Thus, the postcard was produced sometime during those years.

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