Driveway to the Rocky Shores, as a Private Estate in 1910

I’ve had two prior posts (here and here) showing these real-photo postcard views of Widcombe-by-the-Sea, built in 1910 as the summer home of Francis Smith and later known as the Rocky Shores Manor.

This postcard shows the view down the driveway, looking towards Eden Road and out over Loblolly Cove. (The outside edge of the cove is just visible along the top of the photo.) This former driveway is now named Popplestone Lane. The stone columns at the end of the driveway are still there.

If the angle of this photo were just a bit higher, you would see Thacher Island the the Twin Lights beyond the cove.

Like one of the other postcards of Widcombe-by-the-Sea, this one is stamped on the reverse with the name of a Boston photography studio, Hoffman Studio.

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3 Responses to Driveway to the Rocky Shores, as a Private Estate in 1910

  1. Mary says:

    Did Francis Smith marry ever? I wonder if she married my Dad?

  2. Mary says:

    Thanks. Family lore, and a pilot’s license that lists a Rockport, Mass. address in 1918. I appreciate your response!

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