Two More of the Rocky Shores, as a Private Estate in 1910

I previously posted a more sweeping view of this one-time summer estate on Eden Road, a home now known as the Rocky Shores Manor. That previous post received a comment from Christine Kostka Cohen, who grew up in the house and whose family owns it still.

The man who built the house and first summered there was Francis Smith of San Antonio, Texas. He had been the head of a San Antonio investment firm that helped Texas farmers and ranchers obtain financing to expand. By the time he built this house, he had sold his interest in the firm and retired. According to Christine, Smith and his family traveled to Rockport from Texas by train. For more about him, see my previous post.

These are real photo postcards, produced not commercially but for personal use. One of these postcards is stamped on the back with the name of a Boston photography studio, Hoffman Studio, which is listed by the Massachusetts Historical Society as active around 1900.

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3 Responses to Two More of the Rocky Shores, as a Private Estate in 1910

  1. These are GREAT photos. My folks no longer own the home and property. Sold it about 4 years ago and it is now a private home after having a run as an Inn for over 30 years (at least!). The home always had an awsome vibe to it, bringing many happy memeries to not only us,who lived there, but to the thousands of guests that came to stay and enjoy the home and view. I really miss it on a day like this when you could see Thachers Island perfectly! 🙂

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