Real photo postcard, Marmion Way, Rockport, circa 1910

Here is an unpaved Marmion Way in Rockport, circa 1910, as seen in a real photo postcard (meaning it was printed directly from a photo negative). The view is from just past Gully Point, looking southwest up Marmion towards South Street.

The house in the background on the right side is, I believe, the house that currently stands at 27 Marmion Way. Its Zillow listing says it was built in 1870. Just past that, out of view here, would be Old Garden Road. The other houses to the right in this picture are no longer standing.

The reverse side includes markings from the manufacturer of the real photo postcard backing that indicates it is from somewhere between 1907 and 1914, so I’ll call it 1910.

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4 Responses to Real photo postcard, Marmion Way, Rockport, circa 1910

  1. Debbie Dow Whititng says:

    The house on the right is the house my grandparents purchased in the 1940s. It still stands on the corner of the Old Garden path and Marmion Way. It has had a lot of modifications over the years and is now painted yellow. Some might remember it as the Hammock House. My grandfather ran a hammock making business out of the garage and enjoyed chatting with the out-of-towners who stopped in on their way to Old Garden Beach. The statement that it and the other houses on that side of the road are no longer there is obviously untrue! Just beyond our house, you can see peeking out the gable of the house where the stucco house is now. That house was moved across the street and is still there. The yellow house is still in our family and is enjoyed by 4 generations during the summer months.

    • Thanks for clarifying that about the houses. I guess I didn’t recognize them. By the way, I recently came across a couple of old newspaper articles about the Hammock House and your grandfather’s business. I was fascinated to read about him and his business.

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  3. Roger says:

    Rockport! My grandparents built on Marmion Way (120 Marmion Way back ‘then’) in ’47 and from ’50 onwards until the ’90s I would visit them or my Aunt there and visit Rockport. I worked in the ’60s, summer, as a short order cook at Peg Legs back when it was there… and Erwin owned it. As recollection goes his son ran the kitchen buy an old French chef, Jean, was the head chef. I also worked as an usher at the Little Arts Theater and did so for at least two summers. Rockport was an historical oasis and I spent my free time on Bearskin Neck, T-Wharf, swimming of Long Beach (before you had to live full time in Rockport to get near it) … now it seems to have lost its hospitality and unless you are very monied or live in Rockport many places are off limits… progress? The older 120 became 84, Marmion Way changed and all my relatives passed on…

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