Methodist Episcopal Church, Rockport, Mass., circa 1907

This church, constructed in , stood at the corner of Jewett St. and Broadway in Rockport, at the location of the present Rockport United Methodist Church. The church pictured here was built in 1876, to replace the original church, which was built in 1869 but burned down on a Sunday morning in May 1875.

The present-day church.

This church was destroyed by fire in December 1982. The present-day church was built in 1985. The steeple bell from the church pictured here, which was cast in 1876 from a foundry in Troy, N.Y., is now on display outside the current church.

This postcard is not dated. It was published by N.E. Paper & Stationery Co. Mfrs., Ayer, Mass. As best as I can determine, this publisher produced postcards only from about 1907 to 1910.

The postcard does not identify the man in the upper left. I assume he was the pastor at the time.

Note that the black lines framing the picture are off-kilter. This is not a scanning error — this is how the lines appear on the postcard.

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