The Common, Rockport, Mass., circa 1910

This view shows the Rockport Common, looking up Mt. Pleasant St. from where it intersects with Broadway. The houses to the right are on High St., where they remain today. To the right of the common, outside the view of this picture, would be the First Baptist Church. To the left in the foreground would be T-Wharf.

The building to the left, where the men are standing, has a sign on the side that says “Gasolene.” I cannot make out the sign on the building’s front. It looks as if it is the same building that now houses a gift shop at the corner of T-Wharf and Mt. Pleasant, although it has been modified. Just past the men is a wagon. The white pole in the lower center looks like it might have been a water pump.

Here is the same view today, captured from Google Streetview.

This postcard was postmarked May 30, 1910. The note written by the sender on the back says, “I’m having a great time. I ate 6 lobsters yesterday.” Apparently, they were cheaper back then.

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