Map of Land’s End, Rockport, Mass., circa 1885

Here is a circa 1885 map showing the Land’s End section of Rockport, from Loblolly Cove on the left to Pebble Beach on the right. In the center of the map is the Turk’s Head Inn and winding along the shoreline is Penzance Road, with Thacher Island in the distance.

The map appears to have house lots mapped out and there is a realtor’s name in the lower left, so it may have been used for real estate sales.

Click the map for a larger view.

The map was published in Boston in the 1880s by O.H. Bailey & Co.

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3 Responses to Map of Land’s End, Rockport, Mass., circa 1885

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  3. David Wile says:

    On the Land’s End map, the small building on Pebble Beach (next to the flag) is the Cable Hut. It was the termination point of the transatlantic cable. The cable then continued to t)he cable office located on Norwood Ave and then eventually down to Boston.

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