The Fleet in Harbor, Rockport, Mass., circa 1910

Here is another view of the warships of the U.S. Navy’s North Atlantic Squadron at anchor in Rockport Harbor. For other views and to read more about the annual visits of these ships, see my other posts tagged “warships.”

The note written on the reverse of this postcard is addressed to “Miss Kennedy” and says:

I am here spending my vacation. Last Sunday I spent three very pleasant hours on the warship “New Hampshire.”

Based on these images from the Naval Historical Center, the USS New Hampshire was built in 1907 and commissioned in 1908. Pictures on that site show it with three smokestacks and two masts, so if it is one of the vessels in this picture, it is either the one to the far right or the one directly in the center.

This postcard was published by The Rotograph Co., New York City, and printed in Germany. It bears a postmark of 1911.

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