Fishing Boats, Rockport, Mass., circa 1910

The coloring of this postcard makes it look more like a modern painting than a 100-year-old postcard. One source I found attributed this look to the crude form of hand coloring used by the postcard’s publisher, E.C. McIntire of Gloucester.

On the reverse side of the postcard, someone wrote:

From distant lands her sons return to show their love for home.

On stony land and stormy seas she raises hardy men.

Astute readers of this blog may recognize that quote (with one word off) as the inscription that appeared on the Gloucester 250th Anniversary Memorial Arch.

There is no date or postmark on the card. It was printed in Germany, which indicates it was printed before 1917, when World War I broke out and all such commerce came to a halt. This card is very similar in style and markings to this circa 1910 view of Rockport, also published by E.C. McIntire.

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