An Elevated View of Rockport, Mass., circa 1910

Here is an interesting view of Rockport. The perspective appears to be from Pleasant Street or thereabouts. Postmarked July 19, 1910, the card was published by E.C. McIntire, Gloucester, and printed in Germany.

The card has a rather sad note written on the back. It says:

Dear, dear Emma,

I feel ashamed for not having written you a long letter but I have been feeling mean. Hope to feel better when I get to Gt. Chebeague, Me. Will call on you when we return. I don’t know what ails me but when I think of you & Edie and what you girls did I can’t keep the tears back.

Love, Clara

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2 Responses to An Elevated View of Rockport, Mass., circa 1910

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  2. coffeecup says:

    I had relatives named Emma and Clara. Maybe this card came from them.

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