A Foggy Day At Loblolly, Rockport, Mass., c. 1920


Thacher Island and its Twin Lights are dimly visible through the fog in this postcard. The view over Loblolly Cove is from somewhere above Eden Road near where it intersects with Penzance Road.

On several older maps of the area, Loblolly Cove was called Lamorna Cove and Eden Road was called Tintagel Road.

The postcard is from the Rockport Photo Bureau. It was never used or postmarked. By comparing the printing on the reverse to other postcards from the Rockport Photo Bureau, I estimate it to have been published around 1920.

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1 Response to A Foggy Day At Loblolly, Rockport, Mass., c. 1920

  1. saintgee74 says:

    Bob, is that Haskells fish restaurant in the lower center?

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