11 Broadway Ave., Rockport, Mass., c. 1911


This is a real-photo postcard showing a house with a woman and her dog standing at the gate. The house is not identified anywhere on the postcard. However, I have identified it as the house that still stands at 11 Broadway Avenue in Rockport. The card was mailed in 1911. There is a long note on the reverse side but it is illegible.


The same house as it looks today.

An 1884 street atlas of Rockport identifies this property as then belonging to “Levi Gott Heirs.” As far as I can determine, there was only one Levi Gott who ever lived in Rockport in the 1800s. He was a descendant of Samuel Gott, one of Rockport’s first settlers. He married Martha Tarr, a descendant of Richard Tarr, Rockport’s first settler. Levi died in 1876, which would comport with the 1884 atlas listing referring to his heirs.

Interestingly, the fathers of both Levi and Martha — John Gott and Jabez Tarr — fought at the battle of Bunker Hill.

Levi and Martha had two children: John S. Gott, born Dec. 2, 1843, and Susan Tarr Gott, born May 25, 1837. John died in 1928 and is buried at Beech Grove Cemetary.

A later 1899 atlas does not identify the owner of this property, but it shows the house next door as belonging to “J.S. Gott.” It may be, then, that Levi left this property and the one next to it to his children — or at least to John.

The back side shows that the card was mailed on Jan. 9, 2011.

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9 Responses to 11 Broadway Ave., Rockport, Mass., c. 1911

  1. Anna says:


  2. wbtwfrankjohnson says:

    I grew up in that house in the 1970s. I also replaced the cedar plank siding around 1990 when my uncle Rick owned the house… I signed the house underneath the siding on the front porch. The tree to the right of the house was a huge Elm tree that was cut down when I was a kid… Dutch Elm Disease.

    I am descended from Richard Tarr, but not Martha and Levi… interesting that a distant cousin lived there long before I did!

  3. I remember the Loomis’s AND you & your folks there.

  4. Mary K. says:

    I’ve spent several days looking for this house at 11 Broadway. Are you sure that the number or the street isn’t incorrect?

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  5. Mary K. says:

    Wait a minute — Broadway AVE! My mistake.

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  6. Amanda Armstrong says:

    I live here now. We have owned sinxe 2001 and love our old-new home ansreally love Rockport. We have four children and this houseis full of love and a lot of laughter. We might always own thisbhome. Its a feeling.

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