Sailors Resting on the Wharf, Rockport, Mass., circa 1906


Sailors line the north side of T-Wharf as a small number of curious onlookers watch them. Behind them, a two-masted schooner is docked at the wharf, but I doubt the schooner had any relation to these sailors. More likely, the sailors were ashore off one of the warships that regularly visited Rockport in those days, and the schooner was one of the granite schooners that regularly tied up there.

Although the caption identifies these men as sailors, most appear to be wearing a khaki-colored uniform that looks more like a Marine or Army uniform from the period. I’m no expert in military apparel, but I IMG_2675-cuthave to wonder if these men are Marines.

In the background to the left of the postcard, you can see the large building at the foot of Bearskin Neck that still stands there today, as you can see from the photo to the right. Just to the left of this building in the early 1900s was Waddell’s boat yard. I think this building was part of Waddell’s.

This postcard was published by The Rotograph Co. of New York City and was printed in Germany. The company was in business only from 1904 to 1911.

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4 Responses to Sailors Resting on the Wharf, Rockport, Mass., circa 1906

  1. Brad A says:

    I was told that one point that big building on the left had a bowling alley in it, does anyone know if that’s true or if there are pictures available?

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  3. There was a bowling alley. My father was in a high stakes poker game there when he had a royal straight flush and in walked Hook Sullivan, the chief of police who scooped up all the money. Got this story from father of a girl from Gloucester. Father denied it.

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