For Earth Day: Toad Hall Bookstore, 1973

Toad Hall Bookstore 1973

In honor of Earth Day today, we present this February 1973 photograph of Toad Hall Bookstore in Rockport, another photo from the series of Rockport photographs taken for the U.S. government by Deborah Parks.

Ever since its founding in 1972, Toad Hall has given 100 percent of its profits to environmental projects. Toad Hall’s founder, Nelson “Buck” Robinson, was an assistant dean at Northeastern University when the first Earth Day was held in 1970. Inspired to help the environment, he found his way to Rockport, bought the old Granite Savings Bank building, and opened the bookstore. (I believe that is Robinson in the center of the photo.)

Since then, the Essex County Ecology Center, which operates the bookstore, has gone on to fund a number of environmental projects. According to the store’s website, it has donated over $133,000.

Robinson died in December 2003.  He had been a graduate of Williams College, the University of Michigan Law School and Harvard Business School.

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