Inside Poole’s Rexall Drugstore, 1973

Inside Pooles

Inside Pooles 2

Inside Pooles 3

Inside Pooles 4

Can you identify the people in these photographs? They are from a series of Rockport photographs taken for the U.S. government by Deborah Parks, a Rockport resident at the time of her death in 2010 and the wife of Winfield Parks, a well-known National Geographic photographer.

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11 Responses to Inside Poole’s Rexall Drugstore, 1973

  1. kenneth beal says:

    Looks like uncle charlie,timer silver and mr rowe mrs munroe and bob grimes behind the counter.

  2. Alan Pool (no E on my name) says:

    The men pictured in Poole’s Rexall were, left to right, “Timer” Silva, Charlie Balzarini, and John Grimes.

  3. Ed Jylkka says:

    Leroy Silva on the left, Charles Balzarini, center

  4. Kathleen Balzarini Chung says:

    My Great Uncle Charlie Balzarini is in the first ,second, third, and fourth photos.

  5. Jane Moginot says:

    I knew that was Charlie Balzarini and now I recognize Leroy Silva. To us old timers that wasn’t so long ago.

  6. coffeecup says:

    I wish we had a place like that today.

    • Martha Louise Cooney says:

      That would be really nice. I guess the closest we have would be Brother’s Brew, but not really the same. I still miss the coffee shop that used to be where Walgreen’s is today.

  7. Robby DiNapoli Westenkirchner says:

    As a child, my sister and I used to stay with our grandparents, Ken and Elizabeth Vincent, for a couple of weeks during the summers. I remember “Charlie the fisherman”, as we called him, coming to their home selling fresh fish from the back of his old truck. There’s was nothing better than fresh fish for dinner!

  8. Bob Travers says:

    The Charlie you refer to was Charlie Nelson who sold fresh fish from his truck for many years.

  9. Mary Mintz says:

    Definitely Charlie….I took care of him when I worked for Action years ago at Millbrook Park

  10. Wayne Tanson says:

    Yes, Charlie back-and-forth … who among us has not had a ride in Charlie’s truck ? Charlie told me he was born in the house I grew up in at 33 Curtis St.

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