Shoveling Snow on Pasture Road, Pigeon Cove, Mass., c. 1905


This real-photo postcard has not survived in good shape; it is spotted and some of the detail is lost. It is another of the postcards graciously loaned to me by Merry Seppala of Pigeon Cove, who is a relative of Charles Cleaves, the photographer and founder of the Rockport Photo Bureau. The scene shows Cleaves’ house at the top of Pasture Road in Pigeon Cove, and two boys shoveling after what looks to have been a major snowstorm.

The postcard is not dated. It has an undivided back, which generally indicates that it is from the period 1901 to 1907, when postal laws allowed only addresses, no messages, on the back of postcards.

I recently posted another card, also from Merry, that shows a winter view looking down Pasture Road from the vicinity of Cleaves’ house, out over Sandy Bay.

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