Kids Playing in Snow on Granite Street, c. 1928


This is a real-photo postcard, most likely taken by Charles Cleaves. It is another of several images proved to me from the collection of Pigeon Cove resident Merry Seppala. The location is Granite Street in Pigeon Cove and the date is the late 1920s.

According to the back of the postcard, the children in the picture are Virginia Cleaves, Charles Cleaves’ daughter who in later years took over his Rockport Photo Bureau business; Bill Wiborg and Froopy Dorman.

Notably, the house in the background was the house that stood at 121 Granite St. until fairly recently. Controversy erupted in Rockport when the house was razed and replaced with an over-sized brick house that some in town describe as a McMansion. Further controversy came when the owner of the new house sought a permit to build a helicopter landing pad there.

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6 Responses to Kids Playing in Snow on Granite Street, c. 1928

  1. Laura Decker FitzGerald says:

    I lived at 127 Granite Street. My house was, also, raised, and a new one put up in its place. So sad….. And so unnecessary to erase history and replace with an everyday, anywhere kind of “home”.

  2. coffeecup says:

    Freddy Dorman, William( Bill) Wiberg are the boys.

  3. Merry Seppala says:

    Bob, I have been looking at your photos again. Wonderful scenes. Lately I have been interested in looking for schools of Rockport in the early years. We had so many schools 100 years ago.

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