View from Straitsmouth Inn, Rockport, Mass., circa 1920


Last August, I put up a postcard showing a tennis court looking out towards Straitsmouth Island. I speculated that the tennis court was part of the old Straitsmouth Inn, on Gap Head Road off Marmion Way.  Now, here is another view of that tennis court. This time, the postcard’s caption leaves no doubt about the court’s location as being at the Straitsmouth Inn.

Note the Twin Lights of Thacher Island in the background and Straitsmouth Island in the upper right. The white building on Straitsmouth Island is, I believe, the boat house that once stood there, adjacent to the landing.

This card has no publication date or postmark. It was published by Arthur N. Burke of Waltham, Mass. This is the first postcard I have ever come across published by Burke. In Waltham, he was a teacher and then, for many years, the principal of Waltham High School. He was at Waltham High at least from the years 1905 to 1931, because I found references to him during those dates — possibly longer.

I also found a reference indicating that when he retired from the school, he moved permanently to Rockport.

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