Found on the Web: Anthony Thieme Painting Motif No. 1, 1950

Series on painted, possibly Rockport

Series on painted, possibly Rockport

A newspaper photographer captured these images of one of Rockport’s most famous painters, Anthony Thieme, in 1950, just four years before he tragically took his own life. Our famous red fishing shack, Motif No. 1, was a favorite subject of his; one article I read about Thieme said that he painted some 400 canvases just of Motif No. 1.

A native of Holland, Thieme moved to Rockport in 1929 at the urging of another famous Rockport artist, the sculptor Richard Recchia. From 1929 to 1943, Thieme operated the Thieme Summer School of Art, with students living in dormitories behind his house at 6 South Street.

Thieme’s works can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Institute in Chicago, and museums in London and Brussels.

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6 Responses to Found on the Web: Anthony Thieme Painting Motif No. 1, 1950

  1. Marie Cunningham Lueich says:

    this is a great picture. I have never seen many pictures of Mr Thiemi. U grew up about 8 houses up the street from him on South St. There was a big fire which burned down his studio. Im sure he must have lost a lot of his work. I can remember watching the flames from my bedroom window and hearing a loud crash when the roof caved in.

    • Elisabeth says:

      Thieme is my great uncle on my mother’s side…he married my maternal granfather’s sister, Lillian Beckett…have a few of his pieces….unfortunately he died a tragic death three yrs before I was born…grew up on all the stories though…love his work!

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  3. miguel says:

    I found an anthony thieme painting would like to know if it’s real and how much is it worth. It’s a main street rockport

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