View of Straitsmouth Island, Rockport, Mass., circa 1914

In this unusual view, Straitsmouth Island and its lighthouse stand off in the distance, with a ship about to pass them by. If anyone has any idea of from where this was taken, I’d love to hear it. The perspective appears to be from somewhere in the vicinity of Straitsmouth Way or along the eastern part of Marmion Way. Note that you cannot see the Gap Cove lifesaving station.

The postcard bears a Rockport postmark dated July 29, 1914. The reverse side has no other identifying information and does not identify the publisher.

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3 Responses to View of Straitsmouth Island, Rockport, Mass., circa 1914

  1. I might be thinking of an entirely different view but I think someone on Good Morning Gloucester posted a photo pretty close to this. But then again, one might have to burn down all the trees to replicate this. Are those ponds on the golf course?

  2. I can’t tell whether those are ponds or mowed fields. I think the latter.

  3. You’re right, on a larger computer screen it looks to be a field. So now I have to look it up. The link below is a 1942 topo map. The photographer probably tried to find the highest bit of land. At the end of Brooks Road a structure sits on a hill. With most of the trees gone in 1914 that would be my bet. Or if that structure existed, the roof. Just to the south is another small hill with a pond that would have been in the foreground but it looks too much like a field. But then again, a 35mm equivalent lens and one has to move north to the little hill between Straitsmouth and Marmion Way. (Inside the Shetland Rd loop.) Tricky.

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