Bearskin Neck, Real Photo Postcard, circa 1920

This is a “real photo” postcard view of Bearskin Neck, looking towards town from near the end. This was not a commercially produced postcard, but one produced directly from a negative with a backing that allowed it to be mailed as a postcard. It is not dated. I estimate it to be from about 1920. Someone wrote on the right margin, “Bearskin Neck, Rockport, Mass.”

The perspective is almost identical to a Rockport Photo Bureau postcard I previously published (see right). When I first saw this, I wondered whether they might both have been taken by the same photographer at the same time. Upon closer examination, however, there are several differences. For example, in the photo above, there appears to be a car parked behind the white fence at the extreme right; there was no car there in the earlier postcard. Also, the shrub at the base of the light pole is shorter here than in the earlier postcard, and the upper window in the house on the right is open, whereas it was not in the earlier picture.

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1 Response to Bearskin Neck, Real Photo Postcard, circa 1920

  1. Bob says:

    You didn’t mention the old man on the porch

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