Panorama, Straitsmouth, Rockport, Mass., circa 1912

Here is a bird’s-eye view looking down Marmion Way towards Gap Head, Straitsmouth Island and Gap Cove. To the left, on Gap Head, you see the old Straitsmouth Inn. Beyond the inn is Straitsmouth Island, where you can make out the lighthouse keeper’s house. Over the roof of the closest house on the right you can see the tower of the Life Saving Station. The house to the far right is the present-day location of the Seafarer Inn.

My guess is that this photograph was taken from the upper floor of a house roughly around the vicinity of Gully Point. There is a house there now that looks old enough and tall enough to have been the location. In the lower right corner of the postcard, you can see a shadow that could well have been the house where the photographer stood.

This postcard has a postmark dated June 17, 1912. The card was published by A.N. Burke, Waltham, Mass. I have not been able to find any information about this publisher.

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