Rush Hour, Granite St., Pigeon Cove, 1909

I was thinking how sleepy Rockport’s Pigeon Cove section looked in this 1909 postcard, until it occurred to me that it’s not much busier today. Here you can see a horse-drawn wagon, various pedestrians, and the trolley tracks along the left side of the road.

The postcard was postmarked at Pigeon Cove station on July 9, 1909. The note on the back says, “The last three days have been hotter than h___ here.”

The card was published by Souther-Mears Co., Boston, and printed in Germany. The company was in business only from 1908 to 1910.  See here for another Pigeon Cove postcard from this company.

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4 Responses to Rush Hour, Granite St., Pigeon Cove, 1909

  1. coffeecup says:

    I wonder when Edgemere Road came into the area?

  2. coffeecup says:

    They had more businesses there then, than they do now. Sad.

  3. These were wonderful

  4. Richard carlson says:

    The building on the far right later became Johnny Francis’ barbershop. Edgemere road is to the right of this building.

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