Stone Bridge, Rockport Granite Co., c. 1906

As I noted in an earlier post, the Rockport Granite Company built this 65-f00t arched bridge in 1872. It took just 11 weeks to build and, at the time, was one of the largest bridges in the state. The view here is from the Flat Ledge Quarry side, looking through the bridge towards the derricks on Granite Pier used to lift the quarried blocks of granite onto the schooners that would transport them to destinations far and wide.

The bridge not only still stands, but also is still the only direct route by car from Rockport to Pigeon Cove. Gone is the building you see here to the left and gone are the derricks on Granite Pier. And you can still stand under the bridge and hear your voice echo as you let out an expression of amazement at the durability of its stone arch construction.

The reverse of this postcard identifies no publisher or date of publication. It bears a postmark of Oct. 17, 1906.

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4 Responses to Stone Bridge, Rockport Granite Co., c. 1906

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  2. Mark Atkinson says:

    This is a fabulous postcard of one of the most unique views of Rockport (and of its history for that matter). Most folk just drive over it and have no idea of what’s underneath. Great post. Now I just need to track down an original…..Thanks for sharing!

  3. coffeecup says:

    How do you post photos? I may have some. I live in the area.

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