General View Rockport from Highway, Pigeon Cove, c. 1915

This harvesting scene shows Knowlton’s Field at Rowe Point long before the site was developed into the condominiums that now occupy the site. At the center is a horse-drawn wagon full of harvested grass. A figure in white stands on the right side of the picture.

According to the Gloucester Daily Times, Ann Fisk, a well-known Rockport civil leader who died in 2009, led a campaign to purchase and preserve Knowlton’s Field. Here is how the Times described it in her obituary:

Another favorite cause was land conservation. One of her early campaigns was to raise money to purchase Knowlton’s Field, an effort that failed because many townspeople assumed the land could never be developed and was therefore not worth raising money to preserve. A few years later when the land became Rowe Point condominiums she found a more receptive audience for her fundraising drives. She was instrumental in arranging for the town to purchase a piece of land at the top of Pigeon Hill that remains open for the public to enjoy, and in raising funds to purchase a 30-acre parcel at the town’s entrance along Nugent’s Stretch.

The condos at Rowe Point were built in 1980. At the time, Rockport had no cluster zoning so the developer had to get special approvals from the Rockport Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

This postcard identifies no publisher or date. Based on both the picture and the design of the back, I am making a wild guess that it is from around 1915.

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1 Response to General View Rockport from Highway, Pigeon Cove, c. 1915

  1. I had just moved to Rockport and I remember some friends’ parents telling me they used to play baseball down there…what a spot it was. I do remember it open and free of condos. I honor the folks that live there now, but I wish it had been preserved like many towns have done successfully. Anne Fisk was an AWESOME woman! She is missed!

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