The Old Lane Down Pigeon Hill, Pigeon Cove, c. 1925

What goes up must come down. Yesterday’s post featured the old lane up Pigeon Hill. Here is the same lane, looking down the hill. If you look carefully, you can see the ocean and, to the right, the Rockport coast. Walking up the road are three children, a girl and two boys. In the field at the center of the picture, cows are grazing.

This photo, like yesterday’s, is by Charles Cleaves of Rockport Photo Bureau. Whereas I estimated yesterday’s picture to be around 1915, I put this a few years later — around 1925. I base that on the back of the card and its similarity to other cards I have that are dated around the mid-1920s.

Could the girl in this picture be Cleaves’ daughter Virginia? As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Cleaves’ postcard business was later taken over by Virginia. Virginia was born in 1912. If this picture was 1925, she would have been 13. The girl looks to be around that age.

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6 Responses to The Old Lane Down Pigeon Hill, Pigeon Cove, c. 1925

  1. amy says:

    Great photo. Is that the CLeaves’ house on the middle of the backdrop? It is tough to see from the computer I am viewing this from.

  2. Good question. I don’t the answer. Someone told me that the Cleaves’ house was on Pasture Road. No?

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  5. coffeecup says:

    I see a house on the far right with a triangled roof. This could be Charles Cleaves’ barn, in later years Ann Fisk’s house. If this is the barn, Charles’s house could be about under the ag in the word ‘vintage’

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