Main Street, Rockport, Mass., circa 1906

The quality of this picture is poor but the view of Main Street around 1906 is interesting. It’s too dark to be positive but I am pretty sure there is a trolley on the track, in the center of the photo under the tree, and a man crossing the street towards it, as if to get on board. Closer to the foreground, note the rotund man with the odd hat looking bemusedly toward the photographer.

The postcard has a 1907 postmark but was probably printed at least a year earlier. It has an undivided back, which was true of all U.S. postcards until 1907, when postal regulations changed to allow divided backs.

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2 Responses to Main Street, Rockport, Mass., circa 1906

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  2. Martha Louise Cooney says:

    There’s definitely something on the track….

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