The Witch House, Pigeon Cove, Mass., 1906

Lots of postcards feature the old Witch House, but only one includes the cow. The story goes that the house was built in 1692 by two brothers from Salem to protect their mother, who was suspected of being a witch.

The house still stands in the Pigeon Cove section of Rockport. In fact, it played minor roles in a recent book and a recent movie. David Lovelace talks about the witch house, where he stayed for a time in the early 1980s, in his book, Scattershot: A Memoir of My Bipolar Family. More recently, the film A Walk Into the Sea tells the story of Danny Williams, who grew up in the Witch House and then went on to become a fixture at Andy Warhol’s Factory and possibly Warhol’s lover before returning to his childhood home one Thanksgiving and committing suicide.

This postcard is from The Rotograph Co.

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